About Us

Café Bones™ is the ultimate destination for dogs and their two-legged pets — a place to relax, enjoy a coffee (or Pupaccino™) and exercise their dogs.

Established in March 2000, the initial vision of the café was of a vibrant meeting place for people and dogs.

This vision has been more than realised since Café Bones™ opened its doors and the popularity of our café is testament to the strong bond that exists between people and their dogs.

  • At Café Bones™ we offer high quality food and beverages for both humans and dogs.

  • Café Bones™ is home to the world’s first café-style dog beverage, the Pupaccino™.

  • It is also the home of a new range of gourmet dog biscuits marketed under the Café Bones™ label.

So to all our valued customers — Bone Appetit!!


Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday – 8am – 3pm
Friday to Sunday – 8am – 5pm

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Yap yapety yap yap!

I meet some great new friends!

Hanging with these big guys gives me confidence!

Well, um, er....what can I say? Woof!

The Pupaccinos rule baby!

I dig this place...get it?

I love the lamb man!

What do I think? That's my business!

I'm just here for the ladies!

Pupffins, I just lovem!

The smells dude, the smells!

Sure ask me last...

Handy Hints to make your visit as fun as possible

We welcome all shapes and sizes provided they are friendly to humans and dogs alike. Please keep in mind, by legislative law, dangerous and aggressive dogs are banned from public areas and that includes us.

1. If your dog is a little timid

If your dog is a little timid, you may want to keep them on leash and close to you until they are more comfortable in the environment.

2. Our high energy friends

If your Fury Friend is high energy, it is a good idea to have a quick run and get a bit of that energy out before popping in for a snack a pupaccino. although we welcome all personalities (except for cranky) you will have more fun if your dog isn’t trying to dance on tables or take out every chair.

Our community is a wealth of Knowledge and support, you can always ask around for a recommendation or handy hints, make new friends or if you prefer, just keep to yourself.

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